Top 10 Easy-to-Train Cat Breeds

1. Abyssinian


The bright Abyssinian is so outgoing, affectionate, and sociable that games of fetch and plenty of exercise can help channel her energy. Many of them can learn to walk on a leash and harness, and some are even capable of doing cat tricks.

The greater the amount of engagement your Aby receives, the better and happier she will be. Because this breed is so active and inquisitive, training and consistent interaction help them maintain focus, have fun, and control their behavior in ways that make everyone happy.


2. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair has a placid, steady temperament that facilitates learning. Because they respond so effectively to positive reinforcement, their aptitude for learning really makes them excellent for acting and modeling jobs.

You may remember the unique silver tabby pattern of the American Shorthair from television and print advertisements. Their personalities are just as photogenic as their appearances.


3. Bengal


When researching the Bengal’s ancestry, you will discover that she is related to the Asian Leopard Cat. Although Bengals are now securely rooted in family life, they retain some characteristics of their forebears, like their exotic beauty and tremendous energy.

This breed prefers interactive play with their parents, which means they benefit from one-on-one training sessions. The Bengal appreciates studying anything that resembles play in particular.


4. Japanese Bobtail

On a scale of 1 to 10, the Japanese Bobtail scores approximately an 11. In addition to their high-energy personality, they are known to be intelligent and to enjoy the attention of both family and strangers.

Their high level of energy and desire for social engagement makes them highly trainable. With some praise and prizes, these Bobtails are the perfect pets for households that value spending time with their animals.


5. Maine Coon


The gentle giant of cats is renowned for her laid-back demeanor and ability to adapt to nearly any circumstance. It is thought that the Maine Coon sailed from England or Scandinavia to the New World on ships carrying sailors. Since then, they have endured centuries of severe weather, rat control in barns, and industrial expansion.

The keen intelligence and flexibility they gained over the millennia can now be applied to the acquisition of certain characteristics. The Maine Coon has a propensity for like people of all ages and is eager to please, learning new commands fast and effortlessly.


6. Ocicat


Curious and daring, the Ocicat desires to be wherever you are and rapidly adapts to riding in a car, RV, or boat. Although their markings make them look to have a wild background, they are actually the result of a hybrid between Abyssinians and Siamese.

In other words, Ocicats are as intelligent and energetic as the cats that comprised their ancestral gene pool. This breed enjoys inventing and learning new cat skills during playtime.


7. Pixiebob


This breed is also described as being clever, interactive, and obedient. As a result of their resemblance to miniature bobcats, legends persisted that wildcats were their relatives; however, DNA testing proves this is not the case.

According to Shari Fedewa Richards, owner of Living Legend Pixie Bobs in Winter Park, Florida, the Pixiebob may be taught to walk on a leash and to enjoy bath time.


8. Siamese


The gregarious Siamese thrives on attention and wants to participate in all of your activities. The historic breed has been a fixture in cat-lovers’ households for generations and was particularly popular in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Their appeal is rationally explicable. They are gregarious, playful companions that thrive on interaction with their owners and form strong familial bonds.

Siamese are people-pleasers who will enjoy the additional attention that comes with training. And this breed may surprise you with a couple of her own cat skills!


9. Somali


Similar to its relative, the Abyssinian, you may wonder if you are training your Somali or whether she is training you! Active and lively, the cat enjoys playing fetch, hide-and-seek, and turning on water faucets. There is no telling what you and your cat can accomplish if you channel its keen curiosity.


10. Turkish Van


Utilize this breed’s intelligence and inquisitiveness to teach her new cat tricks, and she will reward your efforts. The Turkish Van is a gregarious, playful, attention-seeking cat. Playing and training with a Turkish Van is a great way to have fun and bond with its owner, since these felines create strong bonds with their humans. Include a game of catch, and your cat will be in ecstasy!

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